Our ship chandelling services ensure quality, fast, reliable and dependable supply at any time. We are licensed by the Nigerian Customs Service, and our services are available in any Nigerian port.( Tin-Can, Apapa, Port-Harcourt Onne, Calabar, Warri e.t.c ) round the clock

Our Ship Chandelling Services can supply
  1. Consumable goods such as provisions, vegetables, fresh meat, water, oil and other food items.
  2. Non-consumables such as equipment, Refilling of Ships Bottles Oxygen, Acetylene, freon R(22-21), Co2, Fire Extinguishers, Breathing Aparatus, e.t.c among others to ship, crew and passangers.
  3. Vessel/Tank Cleaning/Fumigation e.t.c

We are a prefered supplier to many reputable shipping companies as we have in place a steadfast stock and delivery systems that conforms with international standards, along with efficient logistics and organized documentation processes

Exceptional Service Delivery !!