Owners Protective Agency ( OPA )

Every port call requires a nominated agent responsible for the operational and financial co-ordination between the vessel, the owners/operator and the port. The owners or the charterer may choose to appoint protective agent to look after their interest in cases where charter party allows cargo Agent for the disport

Our OPA services including a combination of any / all of the below
  1. Confirmation of port restrictions and any port operating practices
  2. Objective view on any port or berth congestion
  3. Verification of accuracy of proforma disburstment account provided by charterer's agent
  4. Reciept of owners funds and disburstment to charterer's agent if required by owners
  5. Attendance onboard vessel throughout entire port call
  6. Checking of all cargo documents, charterer's agent reports, time sheets and counter signature of final SOF for accuracy. Where disparities occur, inform owners and resolve conflict if possible
  7. Where reconciliation is not possible, OPA can issue letters of protest as per owner's requirements
  8. Approving any bills of Lading
  9. Assistance with any crew-related issues such as medical visits, certificates, crew changes e.t.c
  10. Assistance with any post-call issues

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