Ship Brokerage

Deino Maritime Services Limited work as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of vessel, providing value added brokering of sales agreement between ship owners, charterer and shippers, or consignees as the case may be

Deino ship brokerage team has proven track record of providing an unrivalled level service for ship owners who want to maximize the potential from vessel(s) that they own and for charterers and Operators wanting the most attractive transpotation for their cargos.
We maintain long-term, close relationship with a wide range of domestic and foreign ship owners, charterers and brokers, identifying suitable goods of our cargo interest ( Traders/Exporters/Importers) in the spot market trade and within various ports globally.

Our service are conducted with international maritime Conventions providing end to end service that include
  1. Acquiring and bringing the business to potential clients
  2. Act as agents for principal / ship owners or charteres
  3. Advice and recommend on ship markets
  4. Advice & provide contractual documents
  5. Negociating the main term of contract
  6. Finalizing the details and following the contract through to its conclusion and implementation

At Deino, a dedicated ship broker who will take care of everything in the most efficient manner is attached to every client ensuring that we provid personal, flexible service that is tailored towards their individual needs

Exceptional Service Delivery !!